Sunday, February 22, 2004

Buy Girl Scout cookies 

Again, via atrios:

Unlike the Boy Scouts, who are in thrall of homophobes all across America, the Girl Scouts are not budging in the face of an all-out attack by rightwing nutjob fanatics.

This year's annual Girl Scout cookie sale is going well, despite, or perhaps because of calls for a boycott over the local council's sponsorship of Planned Parenthood's "Nobody's Fool Conference" and the groups’ decision to honor Planned Parenthood's executive director.

"We're pleased to report that the cookie sales have been going very well. All the media attention has definitely put us in the spotlight and those that are very much in support of girl scouts and want to show their support of girl scouts, have been going out of their way to find out where they can purchase cookies, " says local Girl Scouts Executive Director Beth Vivio.

Vivio says some residents are dropping by the scout office to place orders -- something that's never happened before.

And some regular cookie buyers are doubling their orders.

Girl Scouts support Planned Parenthood. And rightwing fanatics are convinced of the harm caused by PP's REAL agenda--

The right to decide for one's self when to have a baby;

The right to make family planning decisions for one's self, and not the state or church;

The right to health care as a result of those decisions--protection from VD, AIDS, unwanted pregnancy, counseling, etc;

The right for the MOTHER to determine rights, and the freedom to decide for herself what she wants.

So buy Girl Scout cookies. Double your order this year. They're under ATTACK.


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