Thursday, February 05, 2004


TomDispatch has a great piece about Bush I's posse riding herd for Bush II:

Among those being considered for the commission are Robert Gates, CIA director under Daddy Bush; William Perry, former Secretary of Defense under Bill Clinton and a hard-line "realist"; former CIA director William H. Webster; and the CIA's David A. Kay, who started this ball rolling by pronouncing weapons of mass destruction in Iraq DOA, but then gave the president a helping hand by focusing everyone on the intelligence agencies not the administration, and broke bread with uncurious George only two days ago. Among this gallery of clinkers, probably the single most important name to surface, on Monday on the front page of the New York Times no less -- a name I've been waiting a while to see -- was Brent Scowcroft.... If Scowcroft, who co-authored a book with the elder Bush and is considered his alter ego in the world, has now surfaced as a major consultant of Bush the Younger, then a triumvirate of Daddy's Boys -- family fixer James Baker, supposedly off to alleviate Iraqi indebtedness, Robert Blackwill, now sitting somewhere in the White House helping Condoleezza Rice coordinate Iraq policy, and Scowcroft -- are all back in town. Since Baker's recent high-profile travels around the world on the debt-relief question, he seems to have mysteriously dropped from sight. In this Oedipus wrecks of an administration, the psychological tug-of-war between son and father has gotten far too little attention in our media. Whatever's been going on in the Bush family has surely been weirder than anybody's been willing to let on.

And THIS is growing into a serious liability for Bush:

In 2000, the Associated Press reviewed nearly 200 pages of Bush's military records released by the National Guard Bureau in Arlington, Va. They contained no evidence that he reported for drills in Alabama.


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