Friday, February 06, 2004

The Dems are ENERGIZED 

I've been saying this to anyone who'll listen for MONTHS now.

Howard Dean tapped into it first. He's a good man, warts and all, like all the Democratic candidates. But he was the lightning rod for the static electricity that has been broiling and boiling for YEARS now--the dissatisfaction and outrage of Americans who actually care about the crimes of the Bush Family Evil Empire.

Now that static electricity is REALLY building. It's undeniable. It's CRUNCHY, it's so palpable and incarnated. Somehow John Kerry has harnessed this energy--and nobody really knows how he did it. Where did this guy come from, stealing Dean's thunder? Leaving him like a poor stepchild?

For whatever reason, Kerry is the man to beat, and even Bush is worried. From the Washington Post, who we all know NEVER tells a lie:

The new balance in the race, even as Democratic front-runner Sen. John F. Kerry (Mass.) still faces spirited challenges, is a striking circumstance in historical terms. Usually, nominating battles weaken candidates, at least temporarily, as a party's ideological rifts and personal resentments take time to heal and sometimes prove fatal in the general election. This year, the Democratic contest is likely to produce a nominee who will be stronger coming out of the process than going in, according to strategists with both parties.

Look, guys. You want Bush out of the White House? Do you want an end to our long, national nightmare, at long last? Hold your nose and pull the lever. And celebrate with us in November. Bush is TOAST, baby, and no matter how stinky his replacement, that is CAUSE FOR CELEBRATION.


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