Saturday, February 28, 2004

Haiti...I've seen THIS one before, too 

The Bush administration has come out and said it: Aristide should step down. Why? Because armed thugs are threatening to take over the capitol Port-au-Prince. Armed thugs who are angry. Armed thugs who have mowed over Haiti for one simple reason--there is no standing army to STOP them.

Armed thugs who are angry for one simple reason, supposedly--Aristide stole the 2000 Haitian Presidential election. Supposedly. Four years ago.

I've seen this before. Wait. No, I didn't. It was a daydream, a dream that DIDN'T come true.

It was what DIDN'T happen in MY country in 2000.

My friends, this is the ultimate irony. A U.S. President who stole his own election is now urging that a legally elected President of another country step down and give into terrorists.

Via atrios' comments section on Haiti:

Don't believe what you read in the (establishment) papers and see on the (establishment) TV. This is a U.S. coup in Haiti. The "rebels" are organized like commando strike teams and have heavy weapons not available in Haiti. This is not my tinfoil fantasy. This is according to an NPR interview two days ago with famous and respected lawyer Ira Kurzban of Miami, who has won Supreme Court cases, who has been serving as general counsel to the government of Haiti. The U.S. is supposedly driving out Aristide because they want to militarize Haiti. Aristide, a Catholic priest, has refused to permit a standing army.


At the Impeach Bush Meetup on Monday (organized by Democrats.com) a journalist said that the anti-Aristide Haitian Coup is an Otto Reich operation. The primary motivation is that since the Clinton's put Aristide back in power, the Bushies think they must get rid of him.


...I don' wanna confuse you with facts or anything, but the Black Congressional Caucus spent a lot of time trying to work with Powell and Condi on Haiti and got nowhere. They had to appeal to the Preznit himself, who has not met with them since just after he was sworn in.


...is anyone surprised that Georgie is a terrorist appeaser when it suits him? He was negotiating a pipeline deal with the Taliban (the Afghanistan version, not our home-grown Phelpsian nuts) in the weeks and months before 9/11. He knew even then that they were harboring Osama.


People are TALKING.


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