Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Haunted By A Soldier's Face 

A knock-out column by Jimmy Breslin--again.

In case you needed reminding, this is the most important reason to get Bush out of office this November.

She didn't know his name. It was on a tag someplace and it had already been logged in. They did that the moment they brought the dead soldier off the plane from Iraq and into the morgue at Dover Air Force Base. The body had to pass through a metal detector in case there was some ordnance still there.

He had been taken right from the dirt of Iraq and flown here.

Now, he was on a gurney that was brought right up to her in the forensic dental department. The gurney was up to her waist. She looked down.

He had no head. Oh, there was part of his head still there, on the left side. Just a part. No more.

The left eye was there, wide open. The startled left eye.

"It was looking out as if to say, 'What happened?'" she was saying yesterday. "I don't think he believed that he was dead."


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