Friday, February 13, 2004

It's NEVER the crime; it's ALWAYS the coverup 

Ask any politician. They'll tell you.

You rarely get nailed for the crime itself; but cover it up and get caught, and you're toast.

A single-sentence post from atrios says it all:

Small World

A commenter over at Calpundit's place took note of the name below Bush's in his flight suspension document.

James R. Bath

But the gems are hidden in atrios' comments:

James R. Bath is the guy who helped the Bin Laden family invest in George W. Bush's Arbusto Oil Company. See: [Link]

Hello. Earth to White House press corps. This is low hanging fruit. Let's get on the ball and start asking the questions.

mark hurty

James Bath... That's the same guy listed in the book, The Fortunate Son, that described Bush's cocaine arrest in the 70's. Presumably, Bush was arrested for posession along with this guy Bath. The book was ridiculed as being far-fetched. But how interesting to see Bath's name pop up on the same flight readiness report, a pilot disqualified from flying for the same exact reason as Bush, failure to show up for a flight medical!

The Fortunate Son also described Bush Sr.'s bailing his son out and getting the court to purge the records.

Now, continuing in this speculative vein, it seems reasonable, to me, to wonder if maybe there was a general cover-up of a failure to pass a flight drug-test, or perhaps they were warned not to even take one.

Remember, this was the "champagne division" of the TANG. If this Bath was a close bud, from the same division, partying with Bush, he might have come from a similar privileged background, and the TANG CO's might have protected them by disguising the real reason for their being denied flight status, i.e., coke abuse.

This is all speculative, but it starts to fit together:

1) Bush denying that he has not used any illegal drugs in the "past 25 years" (do the math).

2) A panicky and sloppy attempt to pooh-pooh the TANG AWOL story.

3) The subsequent reneging on the promise to release all documents on Meet the Press.

4) The Burkitt story about the flushing of the local TANG records on Bush.

Now, thinking about this some more, if the Bush-Bath coke arrest story is true, it might be possible to verify this, even if Bush's arrest record was purged by the court. If Bath was arrested at the same time, daddy Bush might not have gone to the trouble of bailing out junior's playmate as effectively, which would mean there might still be an arrest record for Bath with a specific time sometime prior to the flight physical failure.

xRon xUnderwood

[My favorite:]

Why do I feel as though we are all caught in the crossfire of a shootout between rival crime families? We may as well have elected John Gotti to be our President.


There's much more in the comments section of atrios' post. Go there and be informed AND amused.


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