Friday, February 13, 2004

Juan Cole Reports 

This guy is an actual expert on Iraq; that's why I've linked to him. This post of his is long, but that's what happens when you make your case.

He brings up one important thing to remember, one thing that is so hot, so potentially explosive that we NEVER hear the mainstream media talk about it: Israel's complicit participation in this war on Saddam and Iraq. It makes perfect sense.

For months and years now, I've been whining about the neocons in the Bush administration, and how pro-Zionist they are, that is, pro-HAWK Zionist, as in pro-Sharon and anti-ANYTHING remotely un-Israeli, including criticism for just cause. In order to be perfectly clear about my position on Israel, here it is:

Israel Must Live!

So when I write "Israel" here in this post, please read "Sharon and the bloodstained hands of his Likud Party", and not "Jews". Please.

But the maniacs now running that country have been living lies for almost as long as we have in the U.S. under the Bush Regime. It appears that the hawks running Israel are liars, just as the hawks running OUR government are, and they're not above lying to get a war going. In THEIR interests.

Juan Cole intimates that Mossad may have been a source for bogus intelligence on WMD. Why would they do that? To prompt us to attack Iraq. Peaceful coexistence is not a concept that Saddam agreed with, nor Israel, it would appear.

It explains a ton that Israel either duped Bush or Bush willingly cooperated with ISRAEL'S strategic interests, not OUR strategic interests. Whose money and blood is being spent to bring an enemy of Israel's to its knees? OURS, not ISRAEL'S.

This doesn't make Israel evil; it makes Bush a DUPE. We're doing THEIR DIRTY WORK FOR THEM.

Safire gets it wrong: Zarqawi

Just go there and read it. And bookmark Juan Cole. It's an amazing sign of our times that a small-college historian blogging can destroy the thesis of a powerful columnist. God Bless the Internet.


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