Wednesday, February 04, 2004

KERRY: A Pro at the Con 

By now everyone paying attention has read or heard about John Kerry's hypocrisy when it comes to taking cash from lobbyists. He has campaigned against special interests, but has raised more money from lobbyists than ANY other senator in the past fifteen years. Not exactly reassuring, that.

If we're looking for an alternative to Bush (rather than just any old stiff in a tie who can win the election), do we want to support the single most indebted candidate, whose history of receiving, ahem, intimate favors from corporations surpasses every single REPUBLICAN in the US Senate and House of Ill Repute?

This guy is on the take. Period. And every time I look into his lifeless eyes on the TV, I feel exactly ZERO confidence that his affiliation with the same Yale skull & bones secret society that Bush belongs to is not something that should scare the crap out of every American who wants Bush out of office. It's not enough to replace him with a slightly milder, far more savvy version of the same damn thing. Is it? Should our choice come down to the Yale grad who did fight in Vietnam or Yale stooge who chickened out?

A strong showing from Edwards or a comeback for Dean would go a long way toward renewing my miniscule and dwindling faith in the Democrats.


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