Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Laugh all you want...Larry Flynt has CREDIBILITY 

...and Drudge has next to NONE now that the "Kerry Affair" has been denied by all the parties as bullshit.

Flynt is directly responsible for the resignation of at least ONE Republican hypocrite who helped impeach Clinton by outing his adulterous infidelities: Bob Livingstone would have been Speaker of the House if not for Flynt's investigations.

Now, Flynt claims he has the goods on an ANCIENT story about Bush forcing his girlfriend to get an abortion in Texas in 1971--when abortion was STILL ILLEGAL. From atrios:

Larry Flynt says he's finally "nailed" the Bush abortion story. I'm sure the media, who spent the past week reporting on BS scandal-mongering from Drudge, will universally condemn Flynt for daring to do such a thing, as they did when he rightly thought that the hypocritical behavior by certain Republicans during the impeachment fiasco was newsworthy.


I'd also like the media to consider one thing - compare Flynt's batting average with Drudge's. While the media will jump to condemn Flynt, they should recognize that Flynt has higher journalistic standards than any of them for this kind of thing. He doesn't run with things until he has multiple sources. This story may or may not be true, but frankly I have a lot more faith in the accuracy of Flynt's reporting than I do in a lot of the mainstream press. The recent week has only re-confirmed that.

Let's remember that Drudge first became a celebrity not because of Monica, but because he falsely accused Sidney Blumenthal of beating his wife. And the media sided with Drudge.

There's more at the link, including a fascinating back-and-forth between Flynt and Novakula and Bill Press from a Crossfire transcript. Flynt describes the state of the evidence, and exactly what it is, without giving away identities or potentially libellous information. Go check it out.


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