Wednesday, February 18, 2004

No Scandal Left Behind 

There are only 326 days left in the Bush Administration. So many cheats to run, so little TIME...

Chalabi and his ex-Iraqi henchmen were the chief providers to Cheney's various extra-CIA intelligence commissions of bullshit intel, including promises that Iraqis would greet U.S. forces with flowers and kisses. Those commissions include that very special Office of Special Plans, etc.

Now he's reaped his rewards. How con-VEEEN-ient.

Chalabi shouldn't be making hundreds of millions of dollars off the Federal Tit. He should be in JAIL in Jordan, where he's wanted for bank fraud. Maybe this is his way of making restitution.

Yawn. Another day, another payoff in the Bush administration--the crookedest administration in all of U.S. history.

And think of all the crooked Republican administrations Bush had to beat out of the title! Thank God he had the talent to do it...

Cheney, crooked CEO of Halliburton, member of the U.S. Military Industrial Complex...Rumsfeld, former good friend of Saddam Hussein, and emissary of Reagan and Schultz to that murderous dictator...Rice, the idealogue titular head and threesome partner with the Royal Couple in the Residence, usually in the Lincoln Bedroom unless Kenny-Boy's in town...Wolfowitz, Feith, Hannah, Libby, and last and least, Karl Rove--the Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight.

Talent brought them to the top of the heap. Let's hear it for the Bush administration--no scandal left behind!

Start-up Company With Connections

Washington - U.S. authorities in Iraq have awarded more than $400 million in contracts to a start-up company that has extensive family and, according to court documents, business ties to Ahmed Chalabi, the Pentagon favorite on the Iraqi Governing Council.

The most recent contract, for $327 million to supply equipment for the Iraqi Armed Forces, was awarded last month and drew an immediate challenge from a losing contester, who said the winning bid was so low that it questions the "credibility" of that bid.

But it is an $80-million contract, awarded by the Coalition Provisional Authority last summer to provide security for Iraq's vital oil infrastructure, that has become a controversial lightning rod within the Iraqi Provisional Government and the security industry.

Soon after this security contract was issued, the company started recruiting many of its guards from the ranks of Chalabi's former militia, the Iraqi Free Forces, raising allegations from other Iraqi officials that he was creating a private army.

Chalabi, 59, scion of one of Iraq's most politically powerful and wealthy families until the monarchy was toppled in 1958, had been living in exile in London when the U.S. invaded Iraq. The chief architect of the umbrella organization for the resistance, the Iraqi National Congress, Chalabi is viewed by many Iraqis as America's hand-picked choice to rule Iraq.

There's more. Go read it. If you care.


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