Saturday, February 14, 2004

OPEN DISCUSSION: The Purpose of This Blog 

We invite you to jump in and comment. This blog isn't even two weeks old yet, and already we've had 1,200 or so visitors. Now we need your help to get the comments sections rolling. Sure, sometimes it's hard to post a comment and remember to check back for responses. Other times it's hard to wait patiently while no one responds for hours. These are just a few of the pitfalls of blogging, and there are others.

But it's worth it.

We started the blog so we could have a dialogue and discussion with you, the readers of BushWhackedUSA, of whom we know there are thousands. This is your chance to speak out about the issues we cover, and the ones we don't. What do you want to see on our main site? What do you want to discuss here on the blog? What's more important: the AWOL controversy, John Kerry's alleged affairs or the WMD lies? Should progressives vote for "anyone but Bush"? Should Ralph Nader run? Should Dick Cheney go back into his hole? Have you blogged before? Do you know you don't have to share your E-mail, home page, or even your name?

The more you give to this blog, the more others will. So much to discuss. Let's have at it!

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