Thursday, February 05, 2004

Prophecy from the horse's mouth 

From a transcript of Scarborough Country on msnbc.com, via bartcop:

SCARBOROUGH: Turning to politics and going back to New Hampshire, you recently said that God revealed to you that George Bush was going to win in a landslide. Do you still feel that way? And is God still talking to you tonight, after John Kerry‘s strong showing in New Hampshire?


ROBERTSON: I think I would have heard it better if it was Dean as the nominee, quite frankly.


ROBERTSON: I really believe that there‘s going to be a blowout election. I think that the economy‘s going to improve dramatically. The stock market is up. A lot of this, it will be a wealth effect in the country. I believe the situation in Iraq is going to settle down, and perhaps Afghanistan.

And the people will be in a very happy mood. And they won‘t want to change horses.

Yes. There's a good reason for that LAUGHTER. Robertson should be LAUGHED OUT OF TOWN on a RAIL.


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