Thursday, February 05, 2004

Republican hackers 

This story is beginning to have some legs. From blah3.com:

It's all in how you say it...

This is interesting. Salon reports:

One of Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist's key staffers will resign Friday because of an investigation into how Republicans gained access to Democratic memos concerning opposition to President Bush's judicial nominees.

Manuel Miranda, who worked for the Tennessee Republican on judicial nominations, has been on leave since late last month because of the investigation into how Democratic memos stored on a computer server shared by Judiciary Committee members ended up in GOP hands.

Hold up. That name sounds familiar...

Manuel Miranda, judicial counsel to Majority Leader Frist, discusses Miguel Estrada's withdraw of his nomination for Circuit Court...

Ain't it nice how they try to portray Frist's lawyer as some staffer who hacked into the Dem computers because he got done [with] his midterms early or something?

And what the fuck is up with this resignation? The guy's a goddam lawyer - he must have known what he was doing was wrong, right?

Prosecute the sumbitch. Fullest. Extent. Of. The. Law.


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