Thursday, February 19, 2004

That's news to me 

I realize this is old; it's pre-Election 2000. But when I read it in last week's New Yorker magazine in Jane Mayer's excellent article "Letter from Washington: Contract Sport", I was sitting in a fancy mall eating lunch, and the echoes of my laughter rang from Neiman-Marcus to Saks Fifth Avenue...

No link. It's from the hard copy, and The New Yorker doesn't archive. From page 88 of the 79th anniversary issue, February 16 & 23, 2004:

In the spring of 2000, Cheney's two worlds--politics and commerce--merged. Halliburton allowed its CEO to serve simultaneously as the head of George W. Bush's Vice-Presidential search committee. At the time, Bush said that his main criterion for a running mate was "somebody who's not going to hurt you." Cheney demanded reams of documents from the candidates he considered. In the end, he picked himself--a move that his longtime friend Stuart Spencer recently described, with admiration, as "the most Machiavellian fucking thing I've ever seen."

If we ever needed proof that Bush is just a brain-dead puppet who is NOT running things...this is the smoking gun.


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