Saturday, February 21, 2004

Why did Bush invade Iraq? 

I am a Christian. A strange one like you probably never met before, but I'm a Christian. Here's an exchange I had with a friend on a website I belong to:

[my friend wrote:]

I don't believe it's the end of times, but my employee does. She was telling me yesterday why she believes it. One of the reasons that I remember is that the Bible predicts humans will get diseases from animals. She cites the Bird Flu, Mad Cow Disease, Lyme Disease, and others.

[I wrote:]

I'd like to see that passage and decide for myself if it's actually a prophecy--and not take your employee's word for it.

Actually, humans have been getting diseases from animals since before the dawn of history. That's what the entire Kosher laws of Moses are about. That particular reference your employee gave you is completely bogus.

One can be a Christian and also not be an ignorant, feeble-minded nitwit who believes all that crap. Here's somebody who speaks sense and yet is an evangelical Christian--the Slacktivist.

In my research, there is little to support what these fundies call the Rapture. There's an incredibly obtuse reference to it in Jesus's words, but he doesn't explain it in the detail that these idiots love and have embraced so stridently. As far as I'm concerned, the Rapture is almost completely an urban myth of Christianity, and they're acting like it's Gospel.

The most important line I can think of when I hear someone predicting the End of the World is this:

"No one knows the day or the hour."

It could be decades--millenia--eons from today. We have enjoyed much cultural and especially scientific upheaval in the last hundred years, and everyone with a soft skull and no objectivity about the time we live in is convinced Jesus is coming back. Now. TODAY.

How people fool themselves for comfort. What good does it do to know when Jesus is coming back? So we can start acting Christian THEN, and not EVERY DAY, which is what he commanded? So we can get away with that? Or, so we don't have to wait so long, being "good", waiting impatiently?

It's all a crock. And another perfectly good theological scenario is this:

The Kingdom of Heaven, and Jesus coming back, etc, etc, etc, may just be a metaphor or parable for every individual's death. THAT'S Judgment Day, and not some end-of-the-world-in-brimstone-and-fire-and-nuclear-holocaust vision.

Makes more sense to me to get my own affairs in order, anticipating my OWN death, instead of predicting or even BRINGING ABOUT the end of the world. Hell, all Bush has to do to start Armageddon and bring back Jesus is to push the Button, baby. Don't think it hasn't crossed his mind--or the minds of those idiots who advise him.

A great film scene would be the look on his face when he does the deed, and at the end with smoke seething from the ground, glowing with plutonium, nothing alive on Earth except Bush in his underground cave...

...and no Jesus. I believe he and others around him are stupid enough to think they can "induce" Jesus to come back in this way. They have done far stupider things, and in the same fucking vein. For instance: Why was there no post-war Iraqi planning?

Could it be that their first assumption was that they wouldn't NEED to rebuild Iraq, because that's where (Iraq = Mesopotamia, Babylon) Armageddon is supposed to take place...and the war was supposed to bring back Jesus? Ya think?

You cannot put it past these people. So far, it's unexplainable exactly why they've done what they did, except maybe to blame it on Bush's desire to avenge his father's insult.

540+ American deaths later...


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