Friday, February 06, 2004

Will Reagan's Death Boost Bush's Image? 

Get ready for Ronnie Raygun's departure to stir an emotional swell of conservative support for the man who supposedly wears the mantle of the conservative patron saint.

At TomPaine.com,David Kusnet writes:

When Reagan dies, Americans across the political spectrum will mourn him. But, if his most fervent supporters have their way, his passing will become a factional celebration, not a national commemoration, especially if he dies during the months ahead, while the president who has been hailed as his spiritual son, George W. Bush, is running for re-election. An assortment of former White House staffers, conservative commentators, think tank scholars and direct mail entrepreneurs have been conducting a campaign to make sure that Reagan is remembered in exactly the way that they want: as one of the greatest presidents and also as the prophet of hard-core conservatism.

Another slice of fake turkey, anyone?


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