Wednesday, March 10, 2004

After you're done checking out the news... 

Go get yourself some laughs.

The very latest from Get Your War On.

I met this guy at a book-signing. It was the strangest place; an abandoned storefront in an older residential urban area with a stage built between the front room and the back room...he just put his cartoons on an overhead projector and read them out loud.

This guy's website, begun in a semi-drunken stupor on the night of the bombing in Afghanistan in 2001, was getting a half a million hits--A DAY. Soon, everybody was calling him--Hollywood wanted to develop a movie; TV show; book deals; magazine offers; syndicated cartoon, the works. He wanted none of it.

He doesn't want to work on a deadline, although since Rolling Stone hired him, he more or less IS on one. And he's not after the money--obviously. The only thing that trips his trigger is removing land mines, specifically in Afghanistan. Now that he's "sold out", and has the gig for RS, I would bet that every single dime he makes is going to that effort.

Good man. And he signed a copy for my son's Christmas gift that year, too. Something hilariously punk-rock and cynical like: "See what happens when you stay in St. Louis?"

Mine he signed: "Best wishes, Under God, David Rees". What a man.


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