Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Aristide finally heard from 

It's official, kids. Aristide has made it clear. Via kos's diaries. To wit:

Aristide has just spoken with the Associated Press, courtesy of Jesse Jackson. An excerpt from the article:

When asked if he left Haiti on his own, Aristide quickly answered: "No. I was forced to leave.

"Agents were telling me that if I don't leave they would start shooting and killing in a matter of time," Aristide said during the brief interview via speaker phone. He spoke with a thick Haitian accent and was interrupted at times by static.

When asked who the agents were, he responded: "White American, white military.

"They came at night. ... There were too many, I couldn't count them," he added.

Aristide told reporters that he signed documents relinquishing power out of fear that violence would erupt in Haiti if he didn't comply with the demands of "American security agents."

That settles it. Bush is now a nation-builder, and a power broker who will overthrow any nation he sees fit. This is preposterous. It's outrageous. Bush deserves a fair trial at the Hague, and whatever punishment the court deems necessary if found guilty.

Bush is a Menace II Society. This proves it without even a shadow of a doubt.


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