Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Busy media day today 

On this morning's Diane Rehm show on NPR, in the first hour, she hosted a crowd of folks talkin' e-voting. Why is this news? Well, I listen to her show a LOT, and I've never heard anything near to a donnybrook erupt on the well-mannered, easy-to-comprehend style of her show. She's the ANTI-Jerry Springer, for cryin' out loud.

Until today. There were more interruptions and corrections flying than I've ever heard before on her show--and most of the noise came from the guests skewering Diebold shills, and even a too-contrite Democratic party representative. This guy claimed that some umbrella organization okayed electronic voting, one that included the NAACP and a lot of other civil rights groups. Bogus.

The umbrella group okayed it, but not the NAACP or any other single group in the umbrella. I would expect this bullshit from the Bush administration--but from a Democrat, I'm TWICE as pissed.

Bev Harris scored the best, even though she left the program without saying goodbye. This was a clear message that she was probably booted because Diane didn't like her interrupting the other guests--even after Diane asked her to cool it. And even though Bev hit bulls-eyes every time she corrected somebody on a myth, misconception or outright lie.


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