Friday, March 05, 2004

Conservative estimates 

A lot of machinations go into the economy, and anyone's spin on it. ANYONE'S. Even Paul Krugman's.

But there's one thing about the economy today that is undeniable. George W. Bush's tax cuts have NOT produced the jobs he promised.


Via atrios. By the way--atrios has said, many times, that if Bush's economic policies actually produce the jobs Bush has predicted, he would VOTE FOR HIM IN 2004. After all, Bush would DESERVE that vote, wouldn't he?


Back when the the last round of tax cuts were passed, the were sold as a jobs program. The Bush administration claimed that if their tax program passed the economy would add an average of 306,000 jobs per month. By now, we should have had an additional 2,448,000 jobs. There are actually only 294,000 net new jobs, and so we're 2,154,000 behind what the Bush administration had promised.

They said magic tax cuts would create jobs. They didn't.


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