Monday, March 08, 2004

Defending the smears: Smokin' Joe Conason 

I met Joe Conason in April of 2002. We attended bartcop's JulieFest, a benefit fundraiser for Julie Hiatt Steele. She was one of Ken Starr's victims in his witchhunt on the Clintons. She lost everything in defending herself in court--her house, her job, and almost lost her adopted son, Adam.

She was, of course, completely innocent and a roadbump on the way for Starr to drag Clinton's name through the mud.

Joe Conason details every bit of this and more in his book The Hunting Of The President, co-authored by Gene Lyons. Their documentary movie of the same name has yet to receive a major release, and that is what Joe and I talked about when I met him, struggling for a subject we could both talk about, a subject I hoped I could share the least bit of knowledge on.

Got his autograph, too.

Here's Joe's latest column about the dirt flying in the 2004 Presidential campaign. Joe makes it look so easy. He has the facts at his fingertips, and brushes away any and all spin.



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