Saturday, March 13, 2004

Faith-based missile defense 

God will protect us from the heathen North Koreans. Bush knows, because God Himself told him. God said it, he believes it, and that settles it. I think I saw that on a bumper sticker.

From kos:

Faith-Based Missile Defense Collects Election Year Boost

by Meteor Blades
Fri Mar 12th, 2004 at 21:15:26 GMT

As early as July, and definitely by September, the Department of Defense may slip ICBM interceptors into five silos at Fort Greely, Alaska.

September 11, 2001 underscored that our Nation faces unprecedented threats, in a world that has changed greatly since the Cold War. To better protect our country against the threats of today and tomorrow, my Administration has developed a new national security strategy, and new supporting strategies for making our homeland more secure and for combating weapons of mass destruction...

I have directed the Secretary of Defense to proceed with fielding an initial set of missile defense capabilities. We plan to begin operating these initial capabilities in 2004 and 2005, and they will include ground-based interceptors, sea-based interceptors, additional Patriot (PAC-3) units, and sensors based on land, at sea, and in space.

- George Bush, Dec. 17, 2002

"It would be a very preliminary, modest capability. It would be in a testing and learning mode. But also in the event it were needed, it would be able to provide you some limited capability to deal with a limited number of ballistic missiles."

- Donald Rumsfeld, Dec. 18, 2002

Predictions of how well the system will defeat long-range ballistic missiles are based on limited data. No component of the system to be fielded by September 2004 has been flight-tested in its deployed configuration. Significant uncertainties surround the capability to be fielded by September: [Missile Defense Agency] will not demonstrate in flight tests a critical radar called Cobra Dane before that date or conduct a system-level demonstration, and has yet to test its three-stage boosters as part of a planned intercept...

The MDA is not currently considering conducting flight tests under unrehearsed and unscripted conditions.

- Report on Missile Defense by the General Accounting Office, March 10, 2004. (GAO-04-254)

Senate Armed Services Committee hearing and interviews, March 11, 2004:

Senator Carl Levin: "Is there any relationship between the fact that the president made a decision to deploy in December of 2002, and shortly thereafter you decided to cancel all these tests?"

Lt. Gen. Ronald T. Kadish
, Missile Defense Agency director: "Senator, we didn't cancel those tests, we reoriented, and rescheduled them, put their objectives in different pots."


Lisbeth Gronlund of the Union of Concerned Scientists: "Every other piece of the time line has slipped. The one thing that has remained constant is the deployment date. That's completely political."


Senator Jack Reed: "So at this time, we cannot be sure that the actual system would work against a real North Korean missile threat?"

Thomas P.Christie, the Pentagon's director of Operational Test and Evaluation: "I would say that's true."

Philip E. Coyle, Christie’s predecessor: "Ever since the president made his decision, the priority of the program has been on deployment, not on understanding whether the system works."

"The only thing holding back a terrorist detonating a nuclear bomb in the US is the lack of weapons-grade uranium or plutonium needed to make a nuclear device operational. The second they get that capability, they will have no difficulty smuggling that bomb into a US harbor. Fortunately, there are ways to keep this nightmare from becoming a reality.”

- Charles Schumer, January 17, 2003

FY 2005 Budget Request for Missile Defense: $10.2 billion

FY 2005 Budget Request for Port Security grants: $46 million

The Bush Administration: Wrong on faith-based defense. Criminally negligent on security.


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