Sunday, March 21, 2004

FBI Budget Squeezed After 9/11 

Now THAT didn't take long...one little post about my pond, and five minutes later, I'm baaaaaack...

That said, this is another jaw-dropper, folks. These people not only lie their asses off to our faces, they are completely incompetent. Voila:

FBI Budget Squeezed After 9/11

Request for New Counterterror Funds Cut by Two-Thirds


The document, dated Oct. 12, 2001, shows that the FBI requested $1.5 billion in additional funds to enhance its counterterrorism efforts with the creation of 2,024 positions. But the White House Office of Management and Budget cut that request to $531 million. Attorney General John D. Ashcroft, working within the White House limits, cut the FBI's request for items such as computer networking and foreign language intercepts by half, cut a cyber-security request by three quarters and ELIMINATED ENTIRELY A REQUEST FOR "COLLABORATIVE CAPABILITIES."

["Collaborative capabilities" must have sounded too much like a Homeland Security Department, which they fought tooth and nail not long after that]


The papers show that Ashcroft ranked counterterrorism efforts as a lower priority than his predecessor did, and that he resisted FBI requests for more counterterrorism funding before and immediately after the attacks.

That sinks it. It also sinks the Bush administration, if Americans finally start using what brains they have. What's it gonna take, people?

I guess Republicans are going to say they're glad Bush was trying to do something about spending. Damn FBI, trying to bust the budget! Don't they know there's a war on?


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