Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Give 'em hell, Kerry! 

If you've been paying attention, Kerry has been playing hardball ever since he won the nomination.

He has to stay out of small planes.

Hell, the last thing I saw on a blog (bartcop), he was railing about COMPUTER VOTING. The guy is plugged in. He knows what's going down. He is going to win the Presidency unless the Bush people take him out.

I wouldn't be a bit surprised. Before or after he's sworn in...

Kerry promises vigilance at polls


Kerry directly accused Republicans of stealing the 2000 election for Bush.

"What can you do to prevent them from stealing the election again?" Kerry asked a crowd at the MLK Center in Hollywood [FL], his first stop in a three-city Florida campaign swing Monday.

"We're going to pre-check it, we're going to have the legal team in place," said Kerry.

"We're going to take injunctions where necessary ahead of time. We'll pre-challenge if necessary."

"I'm often asked how it feels to run for the highest office in the land," Kerry said. "I don't have a clue. I'm not running for secretary of state of Florida."

Democratic crowds roared at the reminder of Cruella Harris, who gave the initial order to stop the recounting of votes in 2000. Harris is now a Sarasota-area Congresswoman.

Damn, even Al Gore hasn't done THAT--accused those fucks of STEALING THE ELECTION!

You gotta like this guy. He's really givin' 'em hell. Harry S would be proud.


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