Monday, March 08, 2004

Happy International Women's Day 

Via atrios:

Progress in Afghanistan

Happy International Women's Day from Hamid Karzai:

KABUL (CP) - Afghan President Hamid Karzai offered Afghan men a trade today in an attempt to convince them to let their women vote in upcoming elections.

"Please, my dear brothers, let your wives and sisters go to the voter registration process," Karzai told a gathering to mark International Women's Day. "Later, you can control who she votes for, but please, let her go."

Karzai's plea set off a murmur in the crowd of about 500 women and illustrated the fragile grip the democratic process holds in Afghanistan.

You remember Hamid Karzai. He's the man who was a corporate officer for Unocal who was placed in power by George W. Bush AFTER the Afghan loya jirga selected SOMEONE ELSE as the interim leader of the country.

The George W. Bush Puppet Show--a worldwide production.


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