Monday, March 01, 2004

I might be willing to give Bush some credit... 

...in the war against "terror", if only it weren't for two things:

Pakistan and Egypt.

Pakistan is our "friend." They're "with us." They're not "against us." They're our "ally" in the war on "terror."


Except that a huge population of that country hates Musharraf, a dictator, who holds power unconstitutionally and is a bulwark against fundamentalist Muslims taking over the country. In return for this, Bush has turned a blind eye to the proliferation of nuclear arms and technical supplies throughout the world, including to Bush's own Axis of Evil--Iran and North Korea.

Pakistan was punished with sanctions when it became the first Muslim nation to build a nuclear weapon. Those sanctions were lifted by Bush when he declared Pakistan and Musharraf his "allies" in the war on "terror." But they were not put back in place when it became evident that Pakistan is now exporting nuclear warfare to two of our "enemies"--Iran and North Korea.

What crime or unwise action WOULD Pakistan have to commit for Pakistan to deserve sanctions, IF NOT THIS?

In light of this truth, how can we take Bush's foreign policy seriously for even one second?

Then there's Egypt, who is the recipient of TEN PERCENT of the entire U.S. foreign aid money. They're REALLY "with us." They're REALLY our "allies." Money talks and bullshit walks, baby.

But they're just as bad as Saddam, apparently. To wit:

Group Says Egypt Entraps, Tortures Gays


Early last year, the rights group interviewed 63 men who had been arrested for homosexual conduct. It said they spoke of being whipped, bound and suspended in painful positions, splashed with ice-cold water, burned with cigarettes, shocked with electricity to the limbs, genitals or tongue. They also said guards encouraged other prisoners to rape them, according to the report.

As August says, from whom I borrowed the post here:

Let's see. Massive civilian inequality. Oppressing of civil rights. And... oh, look... "rape rooms!" Remember those? Those two little horrible words that validated carpet-bombing a country? The things Amnesty International and NOW were raising awareness about for over a decade but everyone ignored until Laura Bush pretended to be the first to consider it, according to Showtime Networks?

So is the condemnation of Egypt coming any time soon? Considering that Egypt gets almost 10% of the entire American foreign aid budget, I highly doubt it. But cheer up. Maybe it'll be just like Iraq, and in twelve years or so everyone can pretend it was them who first started caring about these people.

Bush foreign policy: A total joke. And the joke is on us, if we actually re-install this man in November.


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