Monday, March 08, 2004

Iraq War Intel Commission: Very confusing 

Go read this entire article and see if you don't end up with more questions than answers at the end of it. For instance:

If this commission is "independent", but was created by President Bush, and he has the power to fire the chair of the commission, how exactly is that "independent"? Don't fit MY definition.

If John McCain wants subpoena power so badly, why doesn't he get Frist to create a CONGRESSIONAL Iraq War Intel Commission, and subpoena whoever they want? Why dance with Bush if he refuses to cooperate?

In a conversation with Bush prior to his appointment, Robb assured the president he would not support examining the administration’s use of intelligence, said a Senate source familiar with the meeting.

Why on earth would they bother investigating the intel failures if they're not going to look at the White House's use of intelligence? Can you think of a single better example of the meaning of the word "whitewash"?

How can anyone take Bush's word for anything, for as long as he lives?


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