Monday, March 29, 2004

Kerry points out (correctly) that Christ was a liberal; Bush pouts 

Kerry visited my home town this weekend. And stirred up a ruckus with Bush and his henchmen.

Seems Kerry is stealing a card from the Bush playbook--using the Bible to prove a point. Never mind that Bush & CO is farther from grace than any crooked Republican administration that has come before them...never mind that.

Kerry is a THIEF.

Bush Campaign Blasts Kerry's Bible Quote


"The Scriptures say, what does it profit, my brother, if someone says he has faith but does not have works?" Kerry said. "When we look at what is happening in America today, where are the works of compassion?"

Bush campaign spokesman Steve Schmidt said Kerry's comment "was beyond the bounds of acceptable discourse and a sad exploitation of Scripture for a political attack."

First: You can tell it's Nedra Pickler, Professional Hack, hard at work on this particular copy. The headline is about Bush's reaction, but except for the ONE PARAGRAPH copied here, the entire article refers only to Kerry.

Second: Kerry is right. If you're going to rely on "Scripture" to make a political point, you'd better not forget Christ's REAL message--humility, charity, service and loving your enemies, let alone your neighbor.

Third: Since when is quoting Scripture "beyond the bounds of acceptable discourse"? Where's the memo? Didn't Georgie get a copy before he was photographed for the cover of NewsWeek with his hands pressed together, eyes shut tight?

Hypocrites with a capital "H".

Fourth: Remember YABL--Yet Another Bush Lie? Kerry did NOT attack Bush with this statement. He never mentioned Bush by name during his remarks.

The guilty consciences of all those scribes, Pharisees and hypocrites are workin' overtime, people.


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