Friday, March 12, 2004

A league of his own 

Story here.

I had no idea Kerry had that much power--and he hasn't even been sworn in yet. Via atrios:

WASHINGTON - A Nebraska business executive withdrew from consideration to be President Bush's point man on manufacturing Thursday after presumptive Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry raised questions about his stance on shifting U.S. jobs to foreign countries.

The Bush administration said Anthony Raimondo's withdrawal was related to Nebraska political issues and not the flap raised by the Kerry campaign.

[ha ha]

But the nomination had appeared in doubt after Kerry's campaign had raised questions of why the Bush administration was picking someone to guide government efforts to halt the hemorrhage of American manufacturing jobs who had laid off 75 of his own workers in 2002 after announcing he was constructing a $3 million plant in China.

Raimondo, the chief executive of Behlen Manufacturing Co. of Columbus, Neb., could not be reached immediately for comment after the White House announced late Thursday that he was withdrawing from consideration for the post.

Who else but Bush would nominate a robber baron to look after lost manufacturing jobs?

Who else? Nobody. Bush is in a league of his own.


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