Saturday, March 20, 2004

Nuclear proliferation 

From Jesse at pandagon:


We've had a healthy debate the past few years over weapons of mass destruction. Some of us want to stop the proliferation of nuclear weapons, and others want to proliferate nuclear weapons. And that's just one ex-governor from Texas.

At a time when President Bush has made nuclear nonproliferation a major goal, the administration is seeking $27.6 million to continue a study next year of a possible new nuclear weapon and projecting that it could cost $485 million over the next five years if it goes into development.

Of course, we need not worry about any message this sends to the world around us. Why?

Continued U.S. efforts to modernize thousands of warheads and develop new ones come not only as the Bush administration has made nonproliferation a goal, but also as international efforts are underway to get North Korea and Iran to back away from alleged new nuclear weapons programs.

The administration has said that its development of weapons does not affect what other nations do.

BECAUSE. Now shut up and focus on John Kerry - he fell over while snowboarding!

Daddy-O here: We all know how Bush feels about Pakistan's nuclear proliferation. It's been well-documented. Inaction speaks louder than any words to deny it, especially when it comes to nukes in the hands of the religiously insane.

This just proves it all over again.


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