Tuesday, March 02, 2004

One of These Investigations Is Not Like the Other 

Damn...now I have that stupid Sesame Street song rattling around in my head...

From a (gasp!) blogger known as Norbizness:

One of These Investigations Is Not Like the Other

Mike Espy (Secretary of Agriculture) investigation: 4 years, $19.2 million.

Henry Cisneros (HUD Secretary) investigation: 8 years, $19 million.

Iran-Contra Affair: 6 years, $47.4 million.

Whitewater investigation: 6 years, $52 million.

Investigation into the Challenger explosion: $40 million

Investigation into the Space Shuttle Columbia: appropriated $50 million.

9/11 Commission (assuming it ends on 7/29/04): 20 months, $14 million.

A commenter replies:

I would add the following data:

Espy death toll: 0
Cisneros death toll: 0
Iran-Contra death toll: unknowable
Whitewater death toll: 0
Challenger death toll: 7
Columbia death toll: 7
9/11 death toll: 2973 (2749 WTC/184 Pentagon/40 PA)

Bush runs on 9/11 while tossing a penny on the graves of those that died.


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