Sunday, March 28, 2004

Politics, journalism and the Bible 

I've seen a lot of talk about religio-crazies on atrios' blog lately. Seems there's this guy Marvin Olasky, who teaches for the World Journalism Institute (the link provided takes you to the first chapter of his textbook "Telling The Truth"). He's a Christian with a capital "C", and he's a practicing journalist who teaches and writes with a God-first agenda.

I'm not sure I trust anyone who claims to be objective with a God-first agenda. Openly. Admittedly. Who teaches it in his own CLASSES.

I'm a Christian, too. But I remember the old saying from MY copy of the Bible, from one of the Old Testament passages, something that I remember should have been a biggie...like bearing false witness...that wasn't one of those Commandments, was it? I get them all confused...

Upon deeper reading, Mr. Olasky says it is the DUTY of a Christian journalist to skew the facts purposely to fit the God-first agenda. I call that bearing false witness, but my divinity degree is only valid in the state of Rhode Island.

Seriously, my favorite parts of the Bible are the quotes. Have you ever seen one of those Bibles with all the red ink in it? More than likely, those red letters were the words of Jesus. It's an interesting theory (mine, who else?) that today's fundemented Christian might surely be suffering from color-blindness, what with the lack of consideration for Jesus' words, and the ugly twisting of them.

I don't like religio-crazies. They bother me. When you're absolutely convinced you are right, you'll never see it coming when you turn out to be absolutely wrong.


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