Friday, March 19, 2004

The real "appeasers" 

Don't you just love that word? It's so convenient a label for anyone who disagrees with Bush and his policies.

This is the absolute latest story in this scandal. It's hard for even me to believe Aznar would try this stunt in order to win an election...but then again, it's what I regulary accuse Bush of, on a nearly daily basis. Via Atrios:

More Spain

The blogger formerly known as Calpundit lets us know that the Aznar government wasn't just misleading the press, they were also misleading the German equivalent of the FBI in an attempt to maintain their [blame-the-ETA-instead-of-al Qaeda] story. Perhaps one of the right wing trolls can explain to me how impeding an investigation of a massive terrorist attack is, actually, being strong on terrorism.

Who are the real appeasers?

[from the Financial Times:]

Germany was reminded of this last weekend. Its federal criminal bureau said the Spanish authorities intentionally withheld information and misled German officials over the explosives used in the Madrid bombings. The Spanish conservative government had insisted the Goma 2 Eco dynamite for the explosives had been frequently used by Eta, the Basque separatist movement. On Monday, it admitted that was not the case.

How are you strong on terrorism by lying to investigators? How do you get to the truth and protect your people by lying to the folks trying to get to the truth?

By perfectly legitimate extrapolation, how does Bush get to the truth by 1) impeding the 9-11 investigation by opposing its creation and then 2) funding it less than the Shuttle explosion investigation, and 3) trying to shut it down prematurely and 4) reserving ONE HOUR of Bush's time to answer questions?

How can you possibly trust this man to tell you the truth about ANYTHING at this point?


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