Saturday, March 27, 2004

St. Ralph dirtying his hands with the DEVIL'S money 

First it was that scumbucket Democrat-in-name-only backstabbing political fool Al Sharpton. He took BIG money from a well-known Republican operative and became history's latest Oreo cookie Presidential candidate. He gives good quotes, though, and was essential in the Democratic debates at keeping discussion honest. And best of all, the ploy failed to divide Democrats. To paraphrase the best quote of Dick Gephardt's career: Failed MISERABLY.

But now we have Ralph Nader getting money from big-name Republicans, too. Nasty business, American politics.

I don't say this too often...but they oughta take him out and have him SHOT.

From the Dallas Morning News, via the Daily Kos:

GOP donors double dipping with Nader

Contributors deny that financial support is designed to hurt Kerry

ha ha

That's why Reagan, Nixon and Bush supporter "Win Ben Stein's Money" has ALWAYS supported St. Ralph in his mission to take down corporate cronyism and the capitalist overlords. For fuck's sake--that's RICH!

Best laugh of the day!


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