Friday, March 12, 2004


Via CAP:

COWING CRITICS WITH THREATS: Foster is just the latest in a long list of people the Administration has bullied or fired for telling the truth about policies it was trying to hide. For example, top White House adviser Larry Lindsey was fired when he revealed the war in Iraq could cost $200 billion, at a time the Administration was trying to lowball the price.

General Anthony Zinni, President Bush's Middle East mediator, was not reappointed after he angered the White House by acknowledging that there were bigger priorities than attacking Iraq.

Even U.S. troops have been intimidated: Gen. John Abizaid, commander of the troops in Iraq, said, "None of us that wear this uniform are free to say anything disparaging about the Secretary of Defense, or the President of the United States. Whatever action may be taken, whether it's a verbal reprimand or something more stringent, is up to the commanders on the scene."

(For more on the strong-arm tactics taken by the Administration to keep critics quiet, read this pdf file American Progress backgrounder.)


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