Thursday, March 18, 2004

US rewards Pakistan with elite military status 

Story HERE.

Maybe one of you Bush supporters could explain this to me. I just don't get it.

After decades of UN and American sanctions for simply HAVING a nuclear bomb, Pakistan is no longer a pariah nation. This is despite:

The fact that not only did Pakistan's nuclear founding father sell and give away bomb information, technology and hardware; not only did he put it in the hands of "rogue" nations like Libya, Iran and North Korea; not only did he receive a pardon for these crimes by President Musharraf; he did it with Musharraf's knowledge and blessing, too.

WHOSE SIDE IS MUSHARRAF ON? Certainly not MY side!

But he's Bush's friend.

We can pretty much assume al Qaeda has some sort of nuclear technology. What we can't assume is that they have the capacity to deliver it. That's the hard part. Or maybe not.

Since we've spent only $46 MILLION on port security, and our homeland security is nothing but a JOKE, perhaps FedEx-ing a nuke to Oakland CA or Newark NJ would be on the drawing board for al Qaeda. Perhaps a contingency plan for them, if and when Osama is captured.

And we have our "allies" in Pakistan to thank for this, more than likely.

What do YOU think?


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