Thursday, April 01, 2004

The Air America debut 

I finally found a link that worked to stream Air America today--too late to hear Al Franken,but I got to hear Janeane Garofolo and Sam Seder's show tonight. It was pretty good. Got to hear my favorite blogger as a guest, the anonymous Atrios. I actually met him at bartcop's Juliefest in 2002, but I was so shy and knew no one there, so I didn't talk to him in either depth or earnest. bartcop produced a video from which Atrios and I were able to recognize each other; now we're good friends...!

Broken Record Time: This show is not nearly as funny or spontaneous or intense as Mike Malloy. But on Malloy, he knew that everybody'd already BEEN to the blogs and the websites and SEEN the latest atrocities; so Mike got to rant to the choir. It seems like Air America thinks it has to educate the masses before they can get to the "inside" jokes.

This is not true. Randi Rhodes already knows this. She's been doing it for twenty years, and I read that tonight she harassed Ralph Nader so much, he hung up on her. It was the real thing--she told him, "We can't AFFORD you this year, Ralph!"

This will be good. The pendulum swingeth.


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