Tuesday, April 20, 2004

American Idol 

Yesterday's poll results from CNN/USA Today/Gallup are baffling. After six weeks of devastating revelations about the warped thinking, chronic dysfunction, poor planning and negligent disregard of the Bush administration on virtually every issue that has anything to do with 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq or terrorism, Bush is actually gaining in the polls.

We're not Democratic partisans at BushWhackedUSA; we want Bush out of office. Now. I can't speak for Roger or Augustino, but on his own John Kerry's about as appealing to me as Thurston Howle III from Gilligan's Island. By comparison to Bush, though, he looks competent and sane.

Why on earth is he slipping in the polls at a time like this, with more Americans dying in Iraq than at any time since Vietnam, and with every aspect of the Bush administration's policies being questioned by both the left and the right? Why why why?

Maybe those brain researches (see "Newsflash" below) can tell us.

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