Sunday, April 11, 2004

Be Careful What You Wish For 

It hasn’t been talked about much, but Rumsfeld and Pentagon neocons have created most of the conditions in Iraq they had in mind before they conned the U.S.into invading to depose Saddam and “stabilize” the world’s oil supply. The CPA has successfully limited those to whom "power" could be transferred on June 30th. (That date really doesn't mean much, of course. It only marks when the U.S. selected leadership of the governing council, plus other token "sympathizers" will begin to receive the first trickle of mundane governmental authority.) Democracy really doesn’t have anything to do with it.
The "plan" so many critics of the administration believe not to exist was partially revealed by Colin Powell the other day when everyone else in the administration was out of town. The idea is simple-- to place those Iraqis who support a U.S. presence in control and slowly turn power over to them. Since security will be directed and provided by the U.S. and billions in aid will be doled out to our favorites, neocon thinking is that that should be enough to leverage a continued American influence in Iraq and the Middle East. The trick, of course, is not to ignite a civil war in the process. It is hoped that U.S. troops can remain in the background enough to keep from breaking a threshold of animosity among Iraqi citizens that would threaten our client government. This latest “little uprising” is only a bump in the road of the grand strategy. The administration believes the risks are high, but that the rewards are great. Others might be convinced that this is just another way America expresses a belief in its guiding principle of “ends justifying the means.”

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