Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Define "Complete" 

The colonists are getting uppity:

Iraqi Argues for 'Complete Sovereignty' (AP)

EXCERPT: Iraqis will need international help with security and building democratic institutions but insist on ``complete sovereignty'' after the United States hands over power on June 30, a member of Iraq's interim Cabinet says.

Nesreen Berwari, the minister of public works, said Monday that Iraqis will welcome U.S. security assistance and seek additional international help through the United Nations.

The shape of a government that will take power from the U.S.-led coalition is still being formulated with help from U.N. special adviser Lakhdar Brahimi, who is scheduled to brief the Security Council later Tuesday on his recent trip to Baghdad.

Berwari said Iraqis must take control of local and national government and make decisions on ``day-to-day life,'' including budgets, and ``how to move the country politically.''

``The situation so far doesn't look positive on the readiness of the world to support Iraqi security. The only country who is committed is the United States, and we're going to take that commitment and we welcome others. We need others to take part of it, too,'' Berwari said.

Next month, the council is expected to debate a new U.N. resolution dealing with the Iraqi government that will take over. Already, a number of potentially contentious issues have emerged, including how much sovereignty it will have and whether it will need to authorize the U.S. force now maintaining security as well as soliciting troops to protect a returning U.N. staff.

``It's very important that the Iraqi people receive complete sovereignty,'' Berwari said. ``What that means is decisions at local level should be done by Iraqi people. National decisions should be done by the national government. There are some issues that the Iraqi people will need support with, like security, like stabilization, and democratization.''


Doesn't he know why we're there?

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