Wednesday, April 14, 2004

I confess 

Last night my daughter and I were driving home from the pond store. We saw Felix the Fish, a 2-foot-long lemon koi who nibbles on my finger to the delight of Sophie, and I bought a few trifles. Then we headed home.

Bush was on the radio, giving his opening remarks for his press conference.

On the radio, where I couldn't see his body language or his face, he sounded good. He sounded firm. He sounded resolute and strong, albeit a little simplistic, but that's not necessarily bad. His message was fairly concise and, God help me, sounded sensible.

Something happened to me last night while I listened to him. I was able to suspend disbelief. Screenwriters and playwrights know what I mean--you have to suspend disbelief when you watch actors perform, the disbelief that tells you this is not real, it's a play, etc. Somehow I was able to think of Bush as a helluva lot of Americans obviously see him. I could see why they have not turned against him, as they should have by now. There's a lot of performance in every politician, and I could hear how Bush sells it. It was amazing.
Then I came home and turned on the TV. And by that time, he'd gotten to the reporters' questions. And it was topsy turvy, kids.

He didn't answer a single question. He was testy. Whenever he made a point strongly, he would smile, poke his little head in the direction of the person he was addressing, as if to say, "This is easy to understand. Don't you get it? Why do I even have to explain this?" As if he were talking to a child...!

On TV, his hesitations look terrible. On radio, it just sounds like someone pausing to think.

I can't see Bush winning this election. I see him STEALING it again...but I can't see him winning. He's un-electable except for his True Believers.


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