Wednesday, April 28, 2004

I'm a Pinhead 

Thought I'd share the first piece of negative mail sent directly to my address (annalsofobscurity@yahoo.com), rather than via the BushWhackedUSA editor E-mail address (sender's name omitted):

I suggest you Taliban-rights party pinheads finally get the clue: AWOL isn't a valid charge against National Guardsmen, never was. The worst they face is dishonorable discharge or reassignment to active duty. Duh.

If you're gonna regurge Begala's bull, at least try for half-assed.


Actually, I didn't know who Begala was until just now. I don't watch right-wing news networks like Fox and CNN, I'm afraid.

But more importantly, if a vegetarian like me has "regurge[d] Begala's bull," should I be concerned about mad cow disease?

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