Thursday, April 08, 2004

Just a number 

There have been 32 Americans killed in Iraq since Sunday. That's a lot. But it's only a number to some people. A number that shouldn't be kept track of, in public, for "political purposes". A lot of conservatives bristle at liberals counting and posting the number of dead. They must think it's only up to them to do such a sacred duty, even if they can't be bothered to publicly declare the fact.

There have been over 600 Americans killed in Iraq in the last year-plus. 32 is just five percent of the total.

It's just a number.

So why are the body bags and the news headlines and even Congressional Republicans starting to get outraged NOW?

President Bush is facing increasing dissent among leading conservative politicians and pundits in the face of mounting U.S. casualties in Iraq.

The war has become the long slog that some Republicans feared. Since Sunday, 32 Americans have been killed in fighting across Iraq. American body bags are on the front page of major U.S. newspapers.

Why weren't they outraged for the PREVIOUS SIX HUNDRED DEATHS?

That damn liberal media...they smell blood in the water--Bush's blood. And they're going for it.

That must be it.


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