Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Members of both parties praised the president's performance 

Best grin of the day, from the Slacktivist.

Honest and responsive

Members of both parties praised the president's performance.

Clearly, he had "battened down the hatches to prepare for this very methodically," one observer said, which made him very "forthcoming and responsive" on all the issues discussed.

A prominent Republican said despite "some pretty detailed questions," the president "was just totally frank -- totally frank, totally honest, and forthcoming."

"He did very well," said another Republican observer. "He gave us a lot of very helpful insights [and] policy approaches."

Yes, former President Bill Clinton seems to have impressed the members of the Sept. 11 commission with his testimony last Thursday. (See here and here.)

You didn't actually think I was talking about President Bush's press conference last night, did you? I mean, "forthcoming and responsive" is pretty much the opposite of what we saw yesterday.

Hmm...these stories about Clinton being praised by Republicans are appearing in...Contra Costa County and Canada...and not on the NBC Nightly News or CNN?

This is a real story. Republicans praising Clinton. I mean, talk about your "man-bites-dog" story. That liberal media!


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