Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Mr. President, sir... 

From John Doble, in Editor & Publisher, here are 13 (Excellent!) Questions for Bush.

If I hear even ONE of these tonight, I'll be thrilled! In fact, I'm going to print them out in scorecard form, pop some corn, drink some organic tofu-beer, and enjoy the whole damn show.

While I'm dreaming, here's one more question I'd love to hear:

Mr. President, sir, it has been established that you have spent 40% of your term AWAY from the office, and that as governor of Texas you worked significantly fewer than the 40 hours that America considers "full-time" (including two-hour lunch breaks that included jogs and naps). In August of 2001, on the day after you were given the PDB entitled "," which clearly established that bin Laden was planning to hijack planes and blow up buildings in New York, you were in Texas golfing and joking around with reporters. And, in fact, this weekend, while dozens of American troops and hundreds of Iraqis were dying in some of the worst fighting seen in that country since the start of the invasion, you were in Crawford, Texas, fishing. How do you plan to demonstrate to Americans that you're actually on the job, paying attention to details, taking care of business, and actively trying to protect us from terrorists? Or, sir, if you consider yourself a leader whose example should be followed, would you advance a proposition to your friends and supporters in the higher echelons of the corporate world that they establish a 40% paid-time-off policy for all of their employees?

-Eric Bosse

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