Tuesday, April 06, 2004

The next step in Iraq 

From the Medium Lobster, via the Slacktivist, come the ultimate Zen words of wisdom. This is the best explanation for what drives the likes of Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz that I can find.

If the United States is to have any chance of success in Iraq, it must retaliate, swiftly and surely, with full-scale invasion of North Korea.

Sometimes the most direct solution -- throwing water on a fire, pulling a weed out by the roots, eliminating a terrorist organization by hunting down that terrorist organization -- is in fact the wrong solution. The White House demonstrated a profound understanding of this principle in the build-up to the Iraq War. Rather than continue pursuit of al-Qaida after the Afghanistan invasion, the Bush administration realized the best way to defeat al-Qaida was to hit them where they weren't -- in Iraq. ...

We cannot afford to fall back on the failed policies of fighting Iraqi terror with police and intelligence operations. We must strike somewhere else, and allow the healing to begin. The obvious choice is North Korea, an aggressive and warlike nation ruled by a mad and brutal dictator known for supporting terror and building weapons of mass destruction. If left to its own devices, North Korea could have a nuclear bomb in the hands of Fallujah terrorists within the year. But if America takes North Korea and overthrows Kim Jong Il, we can be assured of dealing an incredible blow in the war on Iraqi terror. No doubt the North Koreans would welcome us as liberators, and Iraqi terror would decrease substantially.

[Slacktivist writes:] Some will oppose the Lobster's proposed invasion of North Korea because they'd rather just sit around and do nothing. Like Neville Chamberlain. They are objectively pro-Kim Jong Il.


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