Tuesday, April 13, 2004

No Longer a Corpse 

Here's a standing ovation for the White House press corps, who asked a few tough questions tonight and earned the removal of the letter 'e' at the end of their label:


Did anyone catch Bush's line to the effect of "...now that we're asking questions..." Even he saw the difference.

One highlight: Bush steadfastly refused to answer the question about why he will go before the 9/11 commission with Dick Cheney instead of individually, as the commission requested; and THEN he turned that evasion into a joke (intended at the reporter's expense) that Bush had other "must-calls" to answer.

Another highlight: I'll admit, this one's trivial--but, by my count, Bush misprounounced seven words in the first couple minutes of his prepared speech tonight.

Yet another highlight: Included in Bush's definition of a free country (while talking about Iraq) was an increased likelihood for citizens to earn a living. So the two million jobs lost since Bush took office mean we're no longer free in the US?

More later, after I've gone to turn in my application at Burger Hut.

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