Wednesday, April 28, 2004

This one is so out-there, you may think I just made it up 

But Antonin "Three Fingers" Scalia really did say this:

"I think executive privilege means whenever the president feels that he is threatened, HE CAN SIMPLY REFUSE TO COMPLY WITH A COURT ORDER," Scalia matter-of-factly told a lawyer for the Sierra Club.

I have friends who are deeply conservative, deeply Republican, and in deep denial about Bush & CO. They have claimed that every fact I recite to them, on the few occasions I do, are simply lies. This is incredible but true; I don't even go there any more with my friends. You can't argue with denial. It is too strong, even in the face of proof.

So there will be those who will not believe that Scalia could have actually said these words. I don't know if he said them. I wasn't there to hear him.

But reporters who lie generally lose their jobs--quick. Like Jason Blair and Robert Kelley. They gone.

I believe this reporter. The ability to shock me--and the rest of all Americans--is wearing off, and I truly believe that is exactly part of the plan.

My country is going to shit.


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