Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Why Bush failed to plan for the aftermath of the war 

Iraq is in the midst of an uprising in the last several days, in case you haven't noticed. I don't think this is a little blip on the radar. Sadr has crossed the Rubicon, and so has the U.S.; they want him arrested. If that happens, fagetaboutit, baby.

If Bush pulls out in July, he cannot win either way. If he leaves the military in place, they will suffer casualties that might even make the most ardent war-supporter blanche.

If Bush pulls the military OUT of Iraq, we all know what will happen then. Civil war, chaos and the emergence of ANOTHER DICTATOR.

How is Bush going to deal with this? What's the solution? I'm not sure--but I know that Bush has no clue.

I'm seriously, seriously beginning to think that Bush & CO all thought that when he invaded Iraq, it would lead to Armageddon and bring Jesus back. THAT'S why they didn't bother to plan for the aftermath.

You think I'm kidding, that I'm making fun of Bush? No way. There are people I've talked to personally whose entire CHURCHES believe that shit. Bush is such a man of God, he could summon Jesus back to Earth with his faith-based attack on the country that is supposed to be the location of the Final Battle...

They really do think this way. Scary.


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