Thursday, April 22, 2004

Woodward is right 

Who has confirmed Woodward's claims about Saudi Arabia's influence on the White House? The best confirmation Woodward could get, besides Bush himself--

--Prince Bandar.

Read it and weep. Via blah3.com, from the Larry King Show.

KING: We have made the connection. With us on the phone is Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia. Who wants to go first? Do you hear Bob OK, Prince?

WOODWARD: Have you read the book, ambassador?

BANDAR BIN SULTAN, SAUDI AMBASSADOR TO U.S.: No, but I read snippets of it.

WOODWARD: The parts pertaining to you, and there seems to be some contention about this meeting January 11 in the White House. You know, Don Rumsfeld is on record saying he looked you in the eye and said, "you can take this to the bank, Ambassador, this is going to happen," and the "this" is the war plan. And...

KING: I'll let him respond to that part. Prince, is that true?

BIN SULTAN: Larry, number one, Bob Woodward is a first class journalist and reporter. And ...

KING: OK, and number two?

BIN SULTAN: And number two, I will never contradict Bob Woodward.


KING: So what's number three?

BIN SULTAN: And number three is, what he said is accurate...

Transcript here.


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